Mummy's Home!

After the success of My Daddy's Going Away, there was much demand for a book to help mothers explain their temporary absence to young children.

Just like My Daddy's Going Away, the poem at the heart of this book is based on the seven phases of the Emotional Cycle of Deployment.  The key messages that are explored through the charming verse are: the permanence of Mummy's love despite the distance or separation, the importance of communication, the security of Dad's presence and the heart-warming nature of Mummy's return.  The title 'Mummy's Home!' is reflects the exclamation of joy when mum returns! 

How to Use the Book

With the help of Emma Yarlett's beautiful and amusing illustrations the poem tells of a mother preparing to leave her family, her departure, the requirement for her to be away, the great fun had when Dad looks after the children, how to count down the days and stay in touch, their preparation for her return and the home-coming!

Mummy's Home has sold all over the world.  It is set to become a classic, read by loving parents, carers and teachers to their children.  First edition copies are still available if you hurry.