About me

As well as trying to be the best dad he can be, Christopher MacGregor is a psychologist, professional soldier, strategist and (now) published author and story-teller.

Over a 20 year career in the military, he has spent many years away from home.  Realising that there was a great deal written for parents and not enough for children, he wrote a poem called My Daddy's Going Away to help children prepare for temporary absence.  Although hidden in the beautiful story, each verse is actually linked to the US Navy's 'Emotional Cycle of Deployment' and the poem acts as a catalyst for discussion. Such was the interest in his work, he self-published the book. Realising that there was a need to have a book for working mothers, he wrote Mummy's Home! and in 2012, Random House Penguin bought the rights to both books, describing them as 'global classics'.

His young children, Ben and Ellie, are his greatest critics and are the inspiration for many of the stories in the books.  His wife, Vicky, as both a paediatric nurse and primary school teacher provides a wonderful knowledge of children and developing their resilience.

Chris and Vicky may be available to inspire children and adults alike about about building resilient children, parental separation, writing, self-publishing and leadership at schools, festivals and corporate events.